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What people are saying:

Richard N. 

June 26, 2020

At last someone comes up with a plant dolly that you don't have to bend over to move it.  We love it, AND it is made in the USA from recyclable products.  


June 25, 2020

They're made really sturdy and with a high quality material. (Not typical of other products - so kudos to you!)


May 23, 2020

Great USA made Caddy with Detachable Handle. Great product. Garden pots look very look nice on the caddy and are very easy to move.  Drainage is good for outdoors and flat design makes it easy to put large pots on them, even with a saucer underneath to use inside. Great for the Container Garden. 


January 21, 2020

Perfect for the task! 


January 7, 2020

Absolutely awesome! Exactly what we were looking for. Makes moving the fragile plants into the garage a breeze. One person can do it in a couple of minutes, no sweat.  We ordered a second. 

Gloria S. 

Dec 7, 2019

Love them as a gift and the survived hurricane Michael!! I need more!!

Laura K.

Dec 7, 2019

Absolutely love this product! I bought 3 bases and the handle and I’ve got all of them in good use!!


DEC 1, 2019

Love our Butterfly Movers!! We use them for anything heavy in the house. I use them most when I need to move 5 gallon buckets of water around the house for fish tank maintenance. I had been using regular plant caddies but they just weren’t as sturdy as the Butterfly Mover, so I broke a few. And they didn’t have the nice handle either, which meant having to bend over to scoot the heavy buckets through the house.


Nov 30, 2019

We love ours!


Nov 23, 2019

Need to say how much I love my two caddy with the Butterfly mover and how easy to take care of outdoor and porch plants, especially during this crazy fall we've had so far in Mobile and Pensacola. I love my Butterfly movers so much have gotten two for family members, but since they're Christmas gifts mum's the word. But really, if you have any plant lovers who are "maturing" or have back problems, these are really helpful! 🦋

 — in Seminole, Alabama.


Nov 13, 2019

My mom is using her butterfly mover on her condo balcony under heavy plants and she loves it.


May 8, 2018

Fast Shipping and Easy Assembly. 2 bases and 2 sets of wheels-a lot of product for the money$$ Multifunctional--Used it for toting sod off a pallet. Managed great on a hilly backyard! Great for moving boxes and totes too. Back saver for sure.


April 24, 2018

An extremely well-made product! So happy we gave it a try... the locking wheel is a must After receiving them and seeing just how sturdy they are (up to 200 lbs!!), we are realizing many more uses around our house for our Butterfly movers, including: under our large patio plants, transporting a box books from one room to another, moving heavy dog food bags/containers, those trash cans without wheels, and more.... attempts to protect our backs help us put them to use in many ways, especially with the handle attachment included for moving the base while standing straight up! So glad we purchased these! Thank you, ButterflyMover!!


April 17, 2018

Finally, a product worth what you pay for it. It’s sturdy, feels like it will last forever, and the casters are big enough to roll across my porch which has gaps between the boards that make it difficult for small wheels. I don’t even have to bend over to put the handle on, and I like that you get two bases with the purchase. Money well spent. Your back will thank you.


April 16, 2018

A well made mover which operates as described. The handle makes it easy to move plants or other heavy items without stooping over and straining your back. Wheels moved easily and smoothly over brick patio. Handle attached on and off the mover platform without having to bend over and easily. Moved heavy dog food storage cans, big plants, and cases of water to the fridge. Wonderful product if you have or want to prevent back pain!

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